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Compatriots of the Nevermore Movement

A Community for Followers of the Three Ravens

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This is a community for those who are interested in or are followers of the Georgia-based Celtic/Renaissance all-female trio, The Three Ravens. This band has performed/made appearances at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, Excalibur Fantasy Faire in Texas,with the Brobdingnagian Bards at Dragon*Con (Thanks Marc!), at Oglethorpe University, and at Tea Fusions (a local teashop in Peachtree City).
Members of the Three Ravens are:
Casey McConnell "Magdalena Dragoste" (guitar, violin, ashiko, vocals)
e-mail: Tirnansorcha@aol.com
Ali Benson "Ravena Dragoste" (irish tin whistle, recorder, ashiko, percussion, vocals)
e-mail: Sangoirekiss@aol.com
Catherine Barson "Vara Noapte" (doumbek, percussion, vocals)
e-mail: Arabella1@aol.com

Moderator: lasarigue